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Introduction of Kebaya As the best Traditional Costume that Commonly Worn by Indonesian Females

Kebaya is a customary blouse-dress combination worn by Indonesian women. The kebaya is also known in some Asian countries such as Malaysia, Burma, Singapore, Brunei, Thailand and Cambodia. It can be made from sheer material and worn with a sarong or batik kain panjang, or other traditional woven garment such as ikat, songket with a colorful motif.
Considering the enormous historical - political and social - shifts that have occurred in Indonesia throughout the last century, the form of this conventional clothing, has remained fairly unchanged. Its function and meaning however, in contrast to its style, has experienced major changes in colonial and post-colonial Indonesia, operating to meet different groups' political agendas, community needs and aspirations. The kebaya has come to indicate the setting free of women in Indonesia through a symbol linking the kebaya to the 19th century "proto-feminist" figure of Raden A. Kartini.
In the 19th century, and prior to the Nationalist movement of the early twentieth century, the model of kebaya had enjoyed a period of being worn by Indonesian, Eurasian, and European women alike, with slight style variations. In this time distinguishing class and status was important and produced variants of the main costume. Now we can get the modern kebaya ( or in Indonesia called as baju kebaya modern) that may be constructed of silk, velvet and brocade.

You will find two main varieties of the Indonesian traditional clothes. The top, known as baju kebaya may be of two main form: the semi-transparent straighter cut blouse of the Java, Bali and the more tightly tailored Sunda kebaya and the extra Islamic compatible, plainer baju kurung may become a loose-fitting, knee-length long-sleeved blouse worn in the more adherent Muslim areas- including former Kingdom of Johor-Riau (now Malaysia), Sumatra and parts of coastal Java.
The blouse is generally semi-transparent and worn over the torso wrap. The skirt or kain is an unstitched material wrap around three metres long. The term sarong in English is erroneous, the sarung (Malaysian accent: sarong) is actually stitched together to shape a tube, similar to a Western gown, the kain is unstitched, needs a helper to dress (literally wrap) the wearer and may be held in place with a string (tali), then folded it at the waist, after that held with a belt which may hold an attractive pocket.
In Indonesia, specially in Java, Bali and Sunda, the kebaya modern is normally batik which must be from plain stamped cotton to elaborately hand - painted batik tulis embroidered silk with gold thread. In some other locations of Indonesia such as Sumatera, Flores, Lemata Timor, and other islands generally use kain ikat or songket. In Sumba, there is a famed decorated kain with lau hada: shells and beads.
In Bali, a kebaya has a much more topical history. The Dutch are believed to have enforced the wearing of the Indonesia traditional clothing. At the time Balinese women's breasts were uncovered, not including for formal and traditional occasions, through which a sabuk might be wound tightly around the upper torso, covering the breasts but leaving the shoulders and arms exposed. The girls of Buleleng, the regency of northern Bali, then would have been some of the first to adopt the kebaya as their daily clothes. continue...

What Are Bridesmaids Gifts And Where To Buy Them

Bridesmaids gifts are small tokens given to the female wedding attendants. Giving them is a symbol of thanks and appreciation for helping the bride plan and prepare her big day. Although it is not a mandatory idea, but still many brides prefer to give bridesmaids than giving nothing.
The market has lots to offer when it comes to bridesmaids gifts. But if you are a bride who has a very hectic schedule, shopping for bridesmaids gifts can be a breeze if done online.
There's no need to spend too much over bridesmaids gifts. Financially speaking, planning a wedding these days is not a joke. Even the smallest detail can take a big slice from your budget. So if you think that you can't spend more for the bridesmaids gifts, don't force yourself to do so because your friends will surely understand why. What matters most is that you're sincere on thanking them, and would be enough to make them feel appreciated.

Perhaps the most popular gifts for bridesmaids are jewelry pieces. Many brides prefer jewelry for a bridesmaid gift because it can be used on the wedding day and long after by the bridesmaid. This is one of many gift ideas that kills two birds with one stone. Jewelry can complete a bridesmaid's ensemble. If your budget will allow you to spend more, it would be very nice to give each bridesmaid a set of jewelry that includes beautiful pieces that match to their dresses. One of the most popular jewelry sets for bridesmaids is a set of pearl jewelry.
Aside from jewelry, there are also other items that complete the ensembles of bridesmaids, such as purses and headpieces. Make sure that when you selecting these items, they complement the overall wardrobe of the bridesmaids.
If you are looking for unique bridesmaids gifts that are far different from traditional ideas above, there's an endless selection to choose from. Unique suggestions may include compact mirrors, perfume bottles, decorative vases, picture frames or albums, scented candles, china tea cups, key rings, journals/diaries, champagne glasses, soap and bath products, gym bags, party shirts and a lot more. The good thing about these unique options is that they can be personalized with names, initials, a monogram, or even with the title "bridesmaid."
There are many different places where you can purchase bridesmaids gifts. You have plenty of local retail shops to run to or if you don't have time to roam around, you can have the Internet search for you. The Internet is probably the best friend of all these days. Among the popular offers for bridesmaids gifts available on many websites nowadays are personalized bridesmaids gifts, which could either be engraved, imprinted or embroidered items. These items can make unique bridesmaids gifts they are made with a personal touch and chosen according to individual personality of each wedding attendant. Additionally, shopping online can help you save a sum as it opens doors for you to find much cheaper items than what local retailers can only offer to you. continue...

A Photographer's Delight At Namibia Safari

Namibia is considered as a major attraction of Africa. It consists of many open lands with breathtaking natural beauty like deserts, oceans, dunes and mountains. Namibia is considered as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Namibia is one of the most unique safari destinations of the world and it is a must visit place for every traveller, photographer and every person who admires natural beauty. You should seriously think about going for Namibian safari once in your lifetime. People who have been to the Namibia remark that it is the most beautiful ride they had ever experienced in their life.
Namibia safari is not only about wild life encounters in the country of Namibia and unimaginable varying in colour and lighting, covering towering dunes to rocky landscapes and the coastline of its. It also includes enjoying the beautiful landscapes, deserts and mountains that are so dramatic and so beautiful that they cannot be expressed in words. Namibia safari is not only about wild life encounters in the country of Namibia but also so beautiful.
Many photographers are attracted to take a Namibia safari so that they can capture the beauty of the country through their own lens; it gives a chance to the photographers to go deep into the country. Thus Namibia has become famous as popular spot for a photographic safari. Namibia has marvellous scenery and grandeur of beautiful places like the Namibian desert, Skeleton Coast and Damaraland and can be explored when you are on Namibia safari. Namibia larger than many other countries and has a low population. The country of Namibia is with so much natural beauty. Namibia safari makes it possible for the tourists to experience the wildlife of many different species found in Africa.

A Namibia safari goes through this vast land, the scenic beauty of this wildlife reserve is unimaginable. A Namibia safari will not be completed without visiting the Namibia desert and wild life enjoyed here in addition to the scenic beauty of saltpans deposited in the land. The beauty of the Namibia desert can be totally enjoyed by taking an air balloon ride so that the whole visual beauty can be enjoyed at once. The desert will be a feast to the eyes of the tourists with its towering red dunes and grasslands in between the sand and visit will not be completed without visiting the Namibia desert.
A Namibia safari will be total joy for any tourist and every person who has the chance to visit Africa; it is something you should not miss. continue...